You do not wonder why I watch the sunrise You do not even look at me when I cry And when I laugh, it is never because of you For when I left, I left every part of you   You broke my heart into a million stars They scattered across the sky Now when […]

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Medication and the Munchies

This is ridiculous. I cannot stop eating. These munchies are more intense than the cravings I had when I was a 24hr stoner. Depakote is a mood stabilizer I am on for my disease, Bipolar Disorder. I know it is helping with the mania, but I really do not want to gain weight. I stepped […]

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Life Is Beautiful

Hi, I’m Ess. This is my room. I rent my sister’s dining room for $250 a month right outside of San Francisco, California. I sleep on the floor, I like to own as little as possible. I grew up in this town, with my 4 brothers and 5 sisters. We were always very poor growing up, on […]

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