Panic Attacks Suck So Here Is What I Do

Today I had a panic attack at work. My husband and I who havn’t see each other in weeks met up to discuss divorce just before my shift started. I don’t want a divorce just yet, he does, he is with another woman already. (she looks like a crack head, I don’t get it) ANYWAYS. The discussion which was supposed to be an adult conversation ended up sounding more like a crying fit. We were at the mall. People were around. Then he ended up storming off after I said I wanted to try marriage counseling and he said “You just want me to be unhappy!”…because I’m trying to work on things? I don’t know. I am not sure what I want at this point.

Anyways the whole thing, It stressed me out. When I got to work he started texting me. You know how that story ends. Texting fights are like bullfights, they are bloody and just brutal. THEN, my boss messages me and I misinterpret the text, get super emotional, and that’s when it started. Uncontrollable crying, trouble breathing, racing thoughts circulating, time feels faster than normal for me….anyways. After having this panic attack, which I havn’t had one in over 2 years, I decided to write a list of the things I did that helped me calm down. I was at work so I needed it to end before I completely embarrassed myself.

The five best ways to destroy a panic attack, in my opinion, which is not a professional opinion but a opinion based on experience are these.

  1. Stop what you are doing, sit down
  2. Breath, count to 7 breathing in, 8 breathing out
  3. Close your eyes
  4. With all the rushing thoughts that are likely over flowing, stop them by saying repeatedly “I am strong, and I am relaxing” OR think the numbers you count while you are breathing, concentrate on them
  5. It takes 3 min for you to come down from a panic attack because it takes 3 min for your body to stop the adrenaline, so, do not get up or try to continue what you were doing until you are certain you are calm. I have sometimes thought I was done with the panic attack, mostly being impatient, and then it continued and got worst.

I hope this helps someone out there, I know I mostly complained in the beginning so let me know if there is anything you would like to know, or want me to blog about. Believe it or not I have read over 5 books on bipolar disorder and am always researching. I think it is good to know why you act a certain way, and better understand yourself so you can better manage yourself.

Love you all for following and liking my posts, it is encouraging. Thank you again for reading another day with Ess. I’m a little wacky, a lot unique, and there is always something strange going on in my life. So keep in touch! xoxo



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